Memphis Tour Details

Memphis Elvis Tour

My four (approximately) hour tour covers places associated with Elvis Presley  in
Memphis that most people have trouble finding on their own.

Thus I usually don’t walk through Graceland mansion with you, for you can easily do that
on your own.

Some of the places we go to, but not all, are the
Overton Park Shell,      Lauderdale Courts,
Humes High,                  Poplar Tunes,   
Forrest Hills Cemetery,         1034 Audubon Drive,  
At these places we often stop to take photos.

We also drive by many former locations of places , like WHBQ Radio, and of the First
Assembly of God (his church).

Sometimes we go to places that are out of the way, like the former  Circle G Ranch in
Horn Lake, Mississippi. We drive by or stop at approximately 75 places.

Where we go  depends on you. My tour is a custom tour, let me know what you want to
see. Don't want to have an exclusively Elvis tour? That's fine. On any tour I weave in all
the “threads” of Memphis: the Mississippi River, Civil War, Civil Rights, blues, soul,
rockabilly, the neighborhoods, and the culture of a city -
Memphis.   You tell me what
interests you.

The cost of a four hour Memphis tour is $60 per person.
1034 Audubon Drive
October 2007
Note, though I once offered tours
inside 1034 Audubon Drive: I cannot
do so today.
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