What I have done and like to do
I once owned a famous home, I  have appeared on television, I have been written about,
and made friends with people all over the world. All this started with my fascination with
Elvis. How did he influence his audience at such a young age? Where did he learn to do  
what he did? T still try to answer those questions.
    For seven years I co-owned a famous home in Memphis at 1034 Audubon Drive; the first home
    that Elvis Presley bought. Because he lived there in 1956, when he made history, that home is
    now listed on the National Register of Historic Places. We sold the home to the Mike Curb
    Foundation who in turn donated it to Rhodes college. The Curb Foundation has completed  the
    restoration of the house and the college will use it as part of its school of music history.

    I like the 1950's and the 1960's. That's why I chose this retro design template. Musicians from
    Memphis changed the cultural world during those years. When you come to Memphis, these
    museums tell their story.    

                                                   Elvis Presley's Graceland     
                                                                   Sun Studio                                            
                                                   Rock and Soul Museum
                                                           Stax Museum      
      Long ago I wrote about this man who changed the way we buy groceries, or any mass
    merchandise by arranging  the  store for self-service store.  He called his first store Piggly
    Wiggly.   Clarence Saunders

    My brother Robert and I are writing screenplays about  Dewey Phillips and the Prisionaires.

    If you have not guessed by now, I like to take photographs. I am partial to  Yahoo flickr.  

    I am a fan of nearly all kinds of music. These Memphis based agencies help support musicians
    and artists who work in genres that have less chance for commercial riches. Please join and
    participate in their events.            
                                                         The Blues Foundation
                 See also the brand new Blues Trail which the Foundation has  helped to create.
                                                 The Center For Southern Folklore

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About Me
years ago my former wife. Cindy,  and I read a book called "Do
What You Love And The Money Will Follow." It was not a 'get rich
scheme' book. Instead it asked you to find what you truly have a
passion for, and then find a way to provide a living based upon
your passion. My wife and I divorced, and that divorce will be my
greatest disappointment. But I still think about those words often.
I have found my niche in life and I feel lucky to do things I have a
passion for. I want to thank everyone who has talked to me about
my tours, or projects or our shared interests. Thank you for
keeping me involved  in the things I like to do.