Best of Elvis
Elvis on stage at the
benefit show for the USS
Arizona Memorial in
1961. From 1961 to 1968
Elvis only did three
shows,  all for charity.
Photo courtesy of the
Hawaii State Library.
From our book; two sample pages. On the left is the list of charities Elvis
gave to at Christmas through the years and on the right; Elvis is with the
poster child for the March of Dimes organization.
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Our first book published in
1992 by Memphis
Explorations (our own
company). In it we describe
Elvis Presley's good deeds
and acts of kindness. It is a
book read by Elvis fans
around the world. We hope
to reprint it someday.
The Best of Elvis remembers his generosity and compassion.

Yes, Elvis gave his gift of music, but he also donated lasting gifts to charities. The U.S. Navy
proudly remembers Elvis for his USS Arizona Memorial benefit concert at Pearl Harbor. St.
Jude Children's Research Hospital received a unique gift—a Presidential yacht which raised
$60,000 for the young hospital. The United States Jaycees remember Elvis as One of the
Ten Most Outstanding Young Men of America, an honor given to Elvis in 1971.
Across the country, charities remember Elvis' annual contributions. And many people
remember Elvis for his private acts of kindness to them.  
The Best of Elvis  remembers that Elvis' legacy inspires others to give today.